Got Soap?

Got Soap?

Did you know most of the “soap” in big box stores isn’t actually soap?

Is yours?

Check the label closely. Does it say “deodorant” bar or “beauty” bar? If yes, your bar is stripped of the stuff that makes your skin happy. Since our skin is our biggest protector, let’s return the favor and nourish it.  Just think how often we are washing our skin.  Whether it’s our hands (hopefully a lot!!), our bodies, or our hair, let’s take a minute to consider what we’re lathering all over our skin countless times over the days/weeks/months/years.

Here’s how we make the good stuff: When natural, healthy fats and oils are mixed with another natural substance called lye, a chemical process called saponification takes place and soap and glycerol are produced. Using this real soap with water eliminates bacteria naturally. It is like a chemical scraper that wedges itself between your skin and all the germs and impurities. 

Soap making changed after World War I began as there was a shortage of the raw ingredients needed to make soap. This influenced the development of synthetic detergents—with the first one being developed in Germany in 1916. These “syndets” were used by large-scale manufacturers of beauty bars, and were readily adopted by the public. Soon they became more popular than actual soap. 

The stripping of the natural byproducts of soap (glycerol), along with the addition of synthetic detergents, results in bars that make your skin itchy and dry. It also reduces production cost and maximizes profits, which is why so many companies do it.

Bottom line: Synthetic detergents are NOT the same as soap, and your skin can tell the difference. 

Treat your skin to 100% real soap made from all-natural vegan ingredients. Check out our soaps here!

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About the Author

About the Author

Meet Jen, the passionate owner of Blue Heron Body Home, a sustainable soap and candle company. Inspired by her family's personal challenges, she infuses her products with mindfulness and conscientious choices, creating a transformative journey towards a healthier planet for future generations.

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